Not just a database

Join us in our journey to changes the way we build websites, software, and web apps 👊

Simplicity as its best

Our truly simple-to-use solution helps you to build betters websites/software/back-end and iterate faster


Manage users and how they access your data in minutes, not days.

Real-time events

LazyDB is built for real-time using WebSockets, so you won't have anything to do to add real-time capabilities to your projects!

Powerful admin and tools

As devs, we think that a simple yet powerful solution should be empowered by simple to use tools.

Data explorer

Explore and manage your data as simple as it is on your desktop.


Easily manage and test how your data is accessed and edited.


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  • 50 Mo of storage
  • 50 requests/seconds
  • 50 online users
  • Unlimited hosted websites
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited lua cloud functions
  • Access to all integrations

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